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  • Off Road Club Race

    11 August 2019
  • Electric On Road club race

    25 August 2019
  • Nitro On Road Club Race

    18 August 2019
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Welcome to Meyerton RC

Welcome to Meyerton RC Clubs’ Website, please feel free to browse our site for upcoming events and archives of past events.

A bit of background info: The founding meeting was held at the home of Henry Ogden, that is adjacent to the tracks, on December 10 th 2008.




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Elec On Road

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                                                  25 Aug 2019                                                 

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Meyerton RC Raceway Racing

July 2019 Nitro On Road

What a cold start to this race meeting?! With a temperature reading of -4 degrees, a person has to ask: “Have we lost our minds?” I mean, having a home and a nice warm bed, what on earth urge any person to leave that all behind to endure this kind of weather? Well, addiction (to nitro) may just be your answer..


June 2019 Electric On Road

June 2019 Electric On Road club race & 6 month series prize giving

A historical day for Meyerton Raceway: Our very first day of hosting a LIVE race. Our members were given the link to follow the race online. Those who followed it said it was really cool! This was made possible by the newly acquired LiveTime timing system that we are now using. There are still a few hiccups, but we are getting there…. We would like to thank our drivers for their patience with us while we iron out the challenges.


June 2019 Nitro on Road

With the return of Johan Korff  to the Nitro scene, we were looking forward to a nice big race, but then Piet du Toit cancelled, due to illness in his family. And Esmarie Geyser had to attend a work related seminar Cape Town. 


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